Stanley Brinks & Freschard – June and July Tour Dates 2022

Here are Stanley Brinks & Freschard’s upcoming shows:

All songs by Stanley Brinks and Freschard.

Stanley Brinks: voice, guitars, piano, bass, cellino, violin, tenor banjo, timple, mandolin, clarinet, ocarina, knee harp, baglamas, drums (Me One Alone, Lazy Way, I’m Out).

Freschard: voice, drums, maracas, cojones, zafzafa, xylophone, flute, rhythm guitar (Me One Alone, Lazy Way, I’m Out)

Recorded in Berlin by Stanley Brinks and Freschard in October 2021.

June 1st   KASSEL, Germany –  color Labor
June 3rd   BÄRENBACH, Germany – Shorty’s
June 4th   LUTZWILLER, France  – Lutz Festival
June 5th   MANNHEIM, Germany – Altes Volksbad
June 7th   BERLIN, Germany – Alter Roter Löwe Rein
June 17th  HUDDERSFIELD, UK – Huddersfield Ukulele Festival, The Parish
June 18th  PIACE, France – Piacé le radieux, Bezard – Le Corbusier
June 19th  SAINT PAIR, France – Le  Rayon Vert
June 20th  PARIS, France – House show
June 24th  LIEGE, Belgium – Cupper cafe
June 25th  KAMEN, Germany – House show (FRESCHARD)
June 26th  UTRECHT, Holland – DB’s open air show on the terrasse – 4pm
June 27th  DORDRECHT, Holland – Bobby Kinghe
June 28th  BRUSSELS, Belgium – Grand Hospice
June 29th  LILLE, France – House show
July 1st   DIJON, France – Au Maquis
July 6th   NÜRNBERG, Germany – MuzClub
July 8th   HANNOVER, Germany – Medienhaus (FRESCHARD)

Listen to the music here: