Iron Man Records releases to be included in British Library Sound Archive

March 23, 2017

Something happens while you are orbiting the Nation’s capital on the M25 for 25 hours in a van with a dangerous madman jumping around and shouting instructions from the back seat. James at British Library Sound Archive has been in touch, he wants to catalogue and archive all the releases on Iron Man Records. The music will become part of the nation’s audio & cultural heritage and it will be available (on a restricted access server) to anyone holding a British Library readers pass (writers, researchers, fans etc.). You have to go in person either to London or to the other site in Boston Spa, Yorkshire. The Library do not allow any material to go out on loan or be downloaded and they comply with current copyright legislation regarding sound recordings. When catalogued the releases will be part of the Sound & Moving Image collection..

I have supplied physical copies of everything where they exist, and WAV files of all releases to ensure a good copy will be available.

James says “with world class facilities at hand we can provide the safest possible home for your releases, both for preservation and access, for many generations to come.”

Amazing. Some things cannot be explained. I will let you know when the materials supplied are available to access. James may be at work for a few weeks assembling it all at his end.

British Library Sound Archive
The British Library
96 Euston Road

To date, the releases supplied include:

IMB6001 I.O.D – Mundane Existence CD/WAV

IMB6002 P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks and Larry MacDonald – Let Me Grow More Weed CD/WAV

IMB6003 P.A.I.N – Our Universe Commences Here (O.U.C.H) Vinyl/WAV

IMB6004 LESS – “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CD/WAV

IMB6005 GORGEOUS – Cursed with Being….. CD/WAV


DLPR2006 PIGFISH – The Reverend James CD/WAV

IMB6007 SIST – Talking Points Not Tragedies CD/WAV


IMB6009 P.A.I.N – Oh My God, We’re Doing It! CD/WAV


IMB6011 LAST UNDER THE SUN – All Empires Crumble CD/WAV



IMB6015 DUFUS – Neuborns CD/WAV

IMB6016 DUFUS – The Last Classed Blast CD/WAV


IMB6018 POLICE BASTARD – It’s Good To Hate….. CD/WAV

IMB6019 LAST UNDER THE SUN – Hooligan Jihad CD/WAV

IMB6020 POLICE BASTARD – Dead To The World WAV



IMB6023 DEATH TO FANATICS – Iron Man Records 1999-2014 compilation CD/WAV

IMB6025 Steve Fly – They Came To Starburg WAV

IMB6027 T.C. Lethbridge – Moon Equipped WAV

IMB6028 T.C. Lethbridge – 2000 TC WAV

IMB6029 T.C. Lethbridge – Mina WAV

IMB6030 Police Bastard – Traumatized WAV

IMB6032 John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth WAV

IMB6033 John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth Ambient  Vinyl/WAV

IMB6034 Dr Marshmallow Cubicle – Occupy WAV

IMB6035 Robert Anton Wilson – Meets Steve “Fly Agaric” Pratt WAV

IMB6036 Police Bastard – Confined – Vinyl/WAV

A big thank you to all Iron Man Records Patrons who continue to support the work:

Suzy Tweddle, Deborah Ritchie, Scott Roe, Margaret Calleja, Thomas Rathgeber, Dan, Lee Parsfield, Chris Scales, Muir Mathewson, Michael Howe, Jonathan Harris, Dave Barnard, Bill Fadden, Mike Burgess, Jachim Palm, Lyle Bignon, Thomas Burke, Ben Cartlidge, Matt Grimes, Toby Conyers, Chris, Andy Cavendish, Steve Wyatt, Andrew Dubber, Frank Knoblich, Vaughan Roberts, Ian Robertson, Marcus H, Seth Faergolzia, Ricky Lee, Kathryn McCormack, Ade Cartwright, Sunwoo Jung….

Video: Last Under The Sun – Beautane

September 19, 2013

Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad

Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad 5 song CD EP (Released through Iron Man Records, Birmingham)

The band has been described as “Fast Chaotic Hardcore Punk Rock” from Birmingham England. Last Under The Sun includes members of Police Bastard, Jilted Generation and Lokey.

Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad CD Review October 2012

– Review from Ryan’s Gig Guide October 2012

Buy Hooligan Jihad CD EP here:

Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad CD artwork

Mark Badger – Vocals / Guitar

Seano Porno – Vocals / Guitar

Hassan Sabbah – Bass

Vic Flange – Drums

Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording Studios, Musoplex, Birmingham, England.

Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad CD artwork

Samuel Fry Obituary

Neil Farrington Obituary

The press kit including what people have said about the band so far is here:

The band have a website here:

Free full download of tracks available here:

Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad CD artwork


“All Agents Defect” 30 song Demo 2001 (Digital Download only on Last.FM)

“Windfall” 8 Song Album recorded 2001 released May 2004 (Iron Man Records)

“All Empires Crumble” 5 song EP recorded 2004 released May 2005 (Iron Man Records)

“Gone” 17 Song Album recorded Sept 2005 released 2010 (Iron Man Records)

“Hooligan Jihad” 5 song EP recorded August 2010 released 2011 (Iron Man Records) as digital download only.

“Hooligan Jihad” 5 song CD EP recorded August 2010 released 2012 (Iron Man Records)

Reviews worth mentioning:

Hooligan Jihad reviewed by:

Mike Brown, Kemptation

Ed Dyer, Green Man Music

The Bottom Rung Of The Ladder

Hooligan Jihad played by:

Old Man and Bitter Girl Podcast 74

Homegrown Podcast 186


Hooligan Jihad

June 21, 2012


50 Dogs, Broken Burner
Freezing Squat, No Light


Hooligan Jihad


Gender Terror, Ice Cream
Hand-woven, Vegan Kitchen


Hooligan Jihad


Broken Sink, Plum Vodka
Pedal Power, Banana Wine


Hooligan Jihad


You can’t play crust in fucking flip-flops…..


You ruined my crust dream with your fucking flip-flops….


Hey Mark…let’s go buy kuemmerling… hit….coma


Hooligan Jihad
Hooligan Jihad
Hoo -Li -Gan -Ji -Had


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad CD


June 21, 2012


One Last prayer to the god of despair
(no going home, there’s nowhere to go)
one more drop for the firing squad
(youre up to the wall, up to the wall)
the shot will stop you dead on the spot


all i hear, the railway lines, how many years will it take


nothing but the long slow drop
(no turning back, its all going black)
how deep will you go, into the hole
(into the hole, youre into the hole)
huddled masses, cold in the dark


all i see, the black and white, flickering screen of despair


the sun burns down, on a desert world
nothing but concrete and waste
i see it all, i see it all, through a can of butane


money buys, all you dont need,
a stab in the back for your greed
i see it all, i see it all, i see all time stands still


I’m beautiful, so beautiful, with a can of beau-tane


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad CD


June 21, 2012

Today could be a good day
Today could be our last day
You never know your time to die
My days are spent far underground
Away from infra red and gunsights
They’ll never find us here


Ill put them back
Ill put them back into the ground


The trees keep me invisible
No human eye will ever find me
I wont come quietly
There are no devils in these hearts
But their actions cannot pass me
I’ll take them one by one


Ill put them back
I’ll put them back into the ground


Ill put them back


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad CD

OK Bye

June 21, 2012

You keep us afraid
of what they might do
2 million walked the streets but still you went ahead
you sit in your chair
and think youre bullet proof
a stroke of your pen will send them to their death


youre just a chair man
protected by law
you offer justice
no one can afford
you watch on tv behind your walls
now we’ve come for you
come to stop your war


ok bye, ok bye, ok bye ……..etc (re do all these in your own style or your asian call centre woice…. but try and vary each one a little bit)


They Call You Chairman
the “madman”
how long can you ignore millions at your door
your “guns” on our streets
ordered to fire at …..
now we’ve come for you
we’ve come to stop your war…….


ok bye, ok bye, ok bye


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad CD

More Helicopters

June 21, 2012


Had me sign a dotted line
sent me out there doing time
trained me hard, worked my mind
we broke their hearts and blew their minds


how many people die
for a worthless cause
how many people die
i dont wanna die
in some desert war
i dont want to die


think of all of them back home
we’re out here fighting on our own
spend their time in politics
send us fighting into shit


how many people die
for some stupid war
how many people die
i dont want to die
in your fucking war
i dont want to die


now i’m coming home, now i’m coming home,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die
too many mistakes were made, to the sound of a rotarblade,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die
back from this living hell, to the land of the infidel,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die
back from this living hell, to the land of infidel,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die


and so i lie here waiting, time waits for no man here, they let us go in our own way


and so the money goes in, they fly the wounded back, how many people left behind?


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad CD