OK Bye

You keep us afraid
of what they might do
2 million walked the streets but still you went ahead
you sit in your chair
and think youre bullet proof
a stroke of your pen will send them to their death


youre just a chair man
protected by law
you offer justice
no one can afford
you watch on tv behind your walls
now we’ve come for you
come to stop your war


ok bye, ok bye, ok bye ……..etc (re do all these in your own style or your asian call centre woice…. but try and vary each one a little bit)


They Call You Chairman
the “madman”
how long can you ignore millions at your door
your “guns” on our streets
ordered to fire at …..
now we’ve come for you
we’ve come to stop your war…….


ok bye, ok bye, ok bye


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad CD