Iron Man Records releases to be included in British Library Sound Archive

March 23, 2017

Something happens while you are orbiting the Nation’s capital on the M25 for 25 hours in a van with a dangerous madman jumping around and shouting instructions from the back seat. James at British Library Sound Archive has been in touch, he wants to catalogue and archive all the releases on Iron Man Records. The music will become part of the nation’s audio & cultural heritage and it will be available (on a restricted access server) to anyone holding a British Library readers pass (writers, researchers, fans etc.). You have to go in person either to London or to the other site in Boston Spa, Yorkshire. The Library do not allow any material to go out on loan or be downloaded and they comply with current copyright legislation regarding sound recordings. When catalogued the releases will be part of the Sound & Moving Image collection..

I have supplied physical copies of everything where they exist, and WAV files of all releases to ensure a good copy will be available.

James says “with world class facilities at hand we can provide the safest possible home for your releases, both for preservation and access, for many generations to come.”

Amazing. Some things cannot be explained. I will let you know when the materials supplied are available to access. James may be at work for a few weeks assembling it all at his end.

British Library Sound Archive
The British Library
96 Euston Road

To date, the releases supplied include:

IMB6001 I.O.D – Mundane Existence CD/WAV

IMB6002 P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks and Larry MacDonald – Let Me Grow More Weed CD/WAV

IMB6003 P.A.I.N – Our Universe Commences Here (O.U.C.H) Vinyl/WAV

IMB6004 LESS – “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CD/WAV

IMB6005 GORGEOUS – Cursed with Being….. CD/WAV


DLPR2006 PIGFISH – The Reverend James CD/WAV

IMB6007 SIST – Talking Points Not Tragedies CD/WAV


IMB6009 P.A.I.N – Oh My God, We’re Doing It! CD/WAV


IMB6011 LAST UNDER THE SUN – All Empires Crumble CD/WAV



IMB6015 DUFUS – Neuborns CD/WAV

IMB6016 DUFUS – The Last Classed Blast CD/WAV


IMB6018 POLICE BASTARD – It’s Good To Hate….. CD/WAV

IMB6019 LAST UNDER THE SUN – Hooligan Jihad CD/WAV

IMB6020 POLICE BASTARD – Dead To The World WAV



IMB6023 DEATH TO FANATICS – Iron Man Records 1999-2014 compilation CD/WAV

IMB6025 Steve Fly – They Came To Starburg WAV

IMB6027 T.C. Lethbridge – Moon Equipped WAV

IMB6028 T.C. Lethbridge – 2000 TC WAV

IMB6029 T.C. Lethbridge – Mina WAV

IMB6030 Police Bastard – Traumatized WAV

IMB6032 John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth WAV

IMB6033 John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth Ambient  Vinyl/WAV

IMB6034 Dr Marshmallow Cubicle – Occupy WAV

IMB6035 Robert Anton Wilson – Meets Steve “Fly Agaric” Pratt WAV

IMB6036 Police Bastard – Confined – Vinyl/WAV

A big thank you to all Iron Man Records Patrons who continue to support the work:

Suzy Tweddle, Deborah Ritchie, Scott Roe, Margaret Calleja, Thomas Rathgeber, Dan, Lee Parsfield, Chris Scales, Muir Mathewson, Michael Howe, Jonathan Harris, Dave Barnard, Bill Fadden, Mike Burgess, Jachim Palm, Lyle Bignon, Thomas Burke, Ben Cartlidge, Matt Grimes, Toby Conyers, Chris, Andy Cavendish, Steve Wyatt, Andrew Dubber, Frank Knoblich, Vaughan Roberts, Ian Robertson, Marcus H, Seth Faergolzia, Ricky Lee, Kathryn McCormack, Ade Cartwright, Sunwoo Jung….

Police Bastard – “Confined” VINYL limited to 500 copies. Released Jan 23rd 2017

December 4, 2016

“Thought-provoking monologues and confrontational lyrics bring you on a cold, doom-laden journey of perpetual war, psychological mind control and disillusionment.”

M:CAD DrawingsKey ProductionGKA94675 CD 4pp GF Softpack 2 x P

Cover Art by Mark “Skinny” Orton

Pre-order your copy on VINYL now. Only 500 copies to be pressed on Double Gatefold VINYL. Released January 23rd 2017

All pre-orders will be £10 plus postage and sent out ahead of the release date.


A big thank you to all Iron Man Records Patrons who helped make this possible.

Suzy Tweddle, Deborah Ritchie, Scott Roe, Margaret Calleja, Thomas Rathgeber, Dan, Lee Parsfield, Chris Scales, Muir Mathewson, Michael Howe, Jonathan Harris, Dave Barnard, Bill Fadden, Mike Burgess, Jachim Palm, Lyle Bignon, Thomas Burke, Ben Cartlidge, Matt Grimes, Toby Conyers, Chris, Andy Cavendish, Steve Wyatt, Andrew Dubber, Frank Knoblich, Vaughan Roberts, Ian Robertson, Marcus H….

M:CAD DrawingsKey ProductionGKA94675 CD 4pp GF Softpack 2 x P

“CVLT Nation’s Top 6 Crust Albums 2013: Police Bastard are pretty infamous at this stage, so no need for any introductions with band member links to Doom, Sore Throat, Filthkick, Sensa Yuma etc. Their new album ‘Confined’ sticks to their cynical view of the world mixed with innovative guitar textures and driving industrial intensity. Thought-provoking monologues and confrontational lyrics bring you on a cold, doom-laden journey of perpetual war, psychological mind control, disillusionment and omnipresent bullshit. For a band that has been knocking about on and off for twenty years, they could be forgiven for reverting to the formulaic. However, they rethink and deliver a furious maelstrom of complex dark hardcore, best served cold.” – CVLT Nation (Dec 19, 2013)

“The album starts with “The Curse Of The Cross”, an anti-theistic slice of brutality, which leaves the listener in no doubt that Police Bastard mean business. You even get a quote from Richard Dawkins about teaching the bible as fiction. Musically they give us huge chugging riffs on “Brought To Our Knees”, which tackles the blandness of multi-national companies infecting the high street, set against the backdrop of the widening gap between rich and poor. For those that like their anthems loud and stompy, “Sick Sick System” will no doubt win a seal of approval with its knock about Punk mayhem and catchy refrain, ‘sick sick system, same old bullshit’. Elsewhere on the album, we get subjects as diverse as being captivated by virtual reality (Word Confined) and environmental disaster from the hand of mankind (Cries From The Earth). Album closer “Fortress” sees organised religion attacked once more, and poses the question, how long before it crumbles…..” – Zak, Ryans Gig Guide (Dec 01, 2013)

“….From Mark Orton‘s cover art through the final song, “Fortress,” Police Bastard have presented an album that uses hardcore’s battering ram approach to push through a series of songs that depict how humanity has destroyed the Earth. Lines such as “We’re sealing our fate” hammer home the idea that mankind has taken the world to the edge of existence, and we’ll all soon perish, should we not change our ways. Thankfully, Confined manages to never lapse into Earth Crisis-like preaching, choosing instead to quote the likes of John Gray‘s Straw Dogs: “Long after the traces of the human animal have disappeared, many of the species it is bent on destroying will still be around, along with others that have yet to spring up. The Earth will forget mankind. The play of life will go on.” While the music is basic hardcore which occasionally aims for bigger sonic targets, the lyrics and presentation are what make Police Bastard worth checking out……” – Rock Star Journalist, Rock Star Journalist (Nov 22, 2013)

Ten songs recorded in early 2013 and released through Iron Man Records, Birmingham.


Side A
The Curse Of The Cross
Brought To Our Knees
Sick Sick System
Cries From The Earth

Side B
Binary Thinker
Words Confined
Bite The Hand
We Are The Dead

All Lyrics: Pid and John

All Music: Police Bastard

Layout: John Doom

The album was Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording Studios.

Label: Iron Man Records
Catalog: IMB6036
Format: VINYL Double Gatefold Limited to 500 copies
Country: England
Released: 2017
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk

Iron Man Records – a Birmingham based Independent Record Label

July 15, 2015

Iron Man Records Logo for print

Iron Man Records is a Birmingham based independent record label, founded in 1996. The label has released recordings by: P.A.I.N, Police Bastard, John Sinclair, Nightingales, Steve Fly, TC Lethbridge, Dufus, Sensa Yuma, and Last Under The Sun, amongst others.

“Music has no flag, no government, no police. Nobody owns it, nobody controls it. Music crosses all borders of geography, language, culture and belief. Music brings people together…..” – Reasons Why

Iron Man Records is run by a Music Promoter and Tour Manager – Mark Badger and a Script writer and Lawyer with a music background – Kevan Tidy.

Mark Badger founded Birmingham Music Network, in 2000.  Since 1994, Mark has organised more than 1000 gigs around Birmingham as Badger Promotions. Additionally, Mark Badger is an active member of two Birmingham based bands: Last Under The Sun and Police Bastard.

Before joining Iron Man Records, Kevan Tidy was a musician and a songwriter. Kevan has worked as a lawyer for many years and can help aspiring inventors, film makers, writers, and musicians and has worked at all levels.

Iron Man Records offers a number of services from Releasing Music, Tour Management and Online Strategy to Legal Advice. The label works closely with several radio stations, including: Music World Radio and Radio Free Amsterdam to give good new music a chance to be heard.

Iron Man Records is about artistic freedom. The label demonstrates its approach by supporting musicians who have something to say and wish to produce music in their own time, and on their own terms.

– Magdalena Szytko, Birmingham, 2015

Iron Man Records - Advert 2015 For Web

Sensa Yuma – Kickin' & Screamin' Tour May 2012

May 18, 2012

Sensa Yuma - Kickin' & Screamin' Tour May 2012


23 Koln Sonic ballroom
24 Bremen Friese
25 Frankfurt AU
26 Berlin Kopi
27 Berlin Demo (morning)
27 Leipzig Open Air Fest

Police Bastard – "Attrition" European Tour November 2011

November 5, 2011

POLICE BASTARD is the original members Chris Crass, Stu-Pid, & John Doom with Mark, Seano & Simon from Last Under The Sun.

Police Bastard / War//Plague - Attrition (Vinyl LP) 546x546 Cover art

Police Bastard / War//Plague – Attrition (Vinyl LP) was released on Profane Existence May 2011

Side A: Police Bastard – The Lie, Born To Die, Blasphemy Squad (Rudimentary Peni), God Off, Erosion, I Wish (The Mob). Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording Studios, Musoplex, Birmingham between February & December 2009.

Side B: War//Plague – Scene Not Heard, How Will They Reassemble Themselves, Concrete Burns, The Sheep, Rust, Screams Of The Dead. Recorded in the Summer of 2009 in Minneapolis, MN by Amy at Core Source Productions. Mastered by Jack at Enormous Door Studios.

Police Bastard – Attrition Tour November 2011

Thursday 10th Nov Friese, Bremen, Germany
Friday 11th Nov AU, Frankfurt,Ggermany
Saturday 12th Nov Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
Sunday 13th Nov Gig Exil, Eberswalde, Germany

Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate 1600x1600

Buy Police Bastard – “Attrition” & “It’s Good to Hate” in the Iron Man Shop here

For More information email mark at

Press kit: (all fanzine/promoter/press info)


Facebook page:

Police Bastard – European Tour 2011

May 19, 2011

POLICE BASTARD is the original Police Bastard members Chris Crass, Stu-Pid, and John Doom with Mark, Seano and Simon from Last Under The Sun.

Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate 1600x1600

I’m putting Police Bastard Tour Dates together now for a couple of short trips to Europe and the line up will include both Pid (Sensa Yuma) and John (Doom) on vocals

The band would probably be looking at a gig plus a share of the door, plus food and a place to stay. There will be 7 in the travelling party and we will have a full backline with us too.

Police Bastard – “Attrition” Tour 2011

Thursday 6th Oct Plan Z, Leuven, Belgium Chaos Bar, Plan Z, Weldadigheidsstraat 76, Leuven, Belgium (that’s the name of the place, there’s a bar called the chaosbar in the basement. Just so you won’t be confused)
Friday 7th Oct Kopi, Berlin, Germany
Saturday 8th Oct AJZ Bahndam, Wolfhagener str 11, 42929, Wermelskirchen, Germany.
Sunday 9th October AK44, Giessen, Germany

Thursday 10th Nov Friese, Bremen, Germany
Friday 11th Nov AU, Frankfurt,Germany
Saturday 12th Nov Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
Sunday 13th Nov Gig EXIL, Am Bahnhof Eisenspalterei, 16225 Eberswalde, Germany

then back to Birmingham, England

Police Bastard / War//Plague - Attrition (Vinyl LP) 546x546 Cover art

Buy Police Bastard CDs, Vinyl, T-shirts etc here

Press kit: (all press info)


Facebook page:

Police Bastard Tour Dates January 9th to 6th February 2010

January 2, 2010

Justice for Ian Tomlinson - Police Bastard Artwork European Tour 2009 Large

Here are the confirmed dates for Police Bastard

Police Bastard Tour January / February 2010

  • 9 Jan The Fawcett Inn, Portsmouth, England
  • 10 Jan The Grosvenor, London, England
  • 16 Jan The Snooty Fox, Wakefield, England
  • 17 Jan Rockers, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 18 Jan Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 21 Jan Sawyers, Kettering, Northants, Midlands
  • 23 Jan The Swinging Sporran, Birmingham, Midlands, England
  • 26 Jan De Koevoet, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 27 Jan Le Carlo Levi, Liege, Belgium
  • 28 Jan Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
  • 29 Jan Kopi, Berlin, Germany
  • 30 Jan Stumpf, Welfengarten 2c Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
  • 31 Jan Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
  • 3 Feb Friese, Bremen, Germany
  • 4 Feb AK44, Giessen, Germany
  • 5 Feb Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany
  • 6 Feb Crowbar, Groningen, Netherlands (Birthday Party Show)

Police Bastard have recorded 7 new songs.

The Lie, God off, Erosion, Born to Die, I Wish (The Mob), Blasphemy Squad (Rudimentary Peni) and Handful of Dust (Rudimentary Peni).

Listen here: and

A Release will follow on Iron Man Records including a DVD containing “Keep an Active Mind” and “Live at AU 2008.” There will also be a split release in USA and the details of this will follow.

The recordings were engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording studios, Musoplex near Birmingham between February and December 2009.

Members of Police Bastard on the recordings are:

Pid – Vocals, John Doom – Vocals, Chris Crass – Bass, Seano Porno – Guitar, Mark Badger – Guitar, Simon James – Drums.

Police Bastard has been influenced by many different bands ranging from the likes of Discharge/Chaos UK to Amebix, Rudimentary Peni, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, The Cardiacs, Killing Joke. This makes up a dark, agressive hardcore sound without losing power or focus. Risen from the ashes of Britian’s largest hardcore thrash bands: Doom, Sore Throat, Filthkick, Sensa Yuma, Contempt, Police Bastard was born in May of 1994. In a year and a half they stacked up a staggering number of gigs and a large following. The current line-up of the band include members of Last Under The Sun, Damn Dirty Apes and Rivers Edge.

Police Bastard – Keep an Active Mind (Police Bastard 2007-2008 a Film by Iron Man Records)

Police Bastard Font 2007

Podcast: Iron Man Records special presented by Paul E.D of Music World Radio

November 29, 2009

Music World Radio, November 23rd 2009

DJ Paul E.D presents an Iron Man Records Special. Paul works through the history of the label and reviews and plays a selection of songs from each of the releases to date.

Listen free Here:

Iron Man Records releases Included in the show:

IMB6001 I.O.D. : Mundane Existence CD mini lp 2000 Buy It

Fav tracks: Scene not heard, Euromisery, Jobseeker, Sign From The Gods, Filth,

play: jobseeker

IMB6002 P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks : Let Me Grow More Weed CD single 2000 Buy It

fav tracks: Road Rage, Let me Grow More Weed

play: Let me grow more weed

IMB6003 P.A.I.N : Our Universe Commences Here Vinyl/CD LP 2001 Buy It

fav tracks: schtum, rockin cross de border, A-Z, Chickens

play: rockin cross de borda

IMB6004 LESS: “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CDLP 2001 Buy It…And+I%27ll+See+You+Never+Work+Again%22+Taunted+Florence

fav tracks: 9-5 Murder, Only Users lose drugs, the idea, Goodnight John

play: only users lose drugs

IMB6005 GORGEOUS: Cursed with Being….. CDLP 2003 Buy It…

fav tracks: greatest liar alive, bad missionaries, prodigal scum

play: prodigal scum

DLPR2006 PIGFISH: The Reverend James CD mini LP 2003 Buy It

fav tracks: getting up early, get out, shut up,

play: get out

IMB6007 SIST: Talking Points Not Tragedies CDEP 2004 Buy It

fav tracks: television led, hindsight is a wonderful thing

play television led

IMB6009 P.A.I.N: Oh My God, We’re Doing It! CDLP re-issue 2005 Buy It!+We%27re+Doing+It!

fav tracks: british justice, no leaders for the fre, oh no its the pigs

play: oh no its the pigs

IMB6010 LAST UNDER THE SUN: Windfall CDLP 2004 Buy It

fav tracks: stop the engines, days, this business

play: days

IMB6011 LAST UNDER THE SUN: All Empires Crumble CDEP 2005 Buy It

fav tracks: fuck the government, bring me their heads, open fire,

play: bring me their heads


fav tracks: time for your leaving, the shed, count to ten, captain of my soul, inside out

play: inside out

IMB6013 SENSA YUMA: Up Yours! CDLP 2004 Buy It!

fav track: war, on you, waiting, ear damage

play: war

IMB6015 DUFUS: Neuborns CDLP 2004 Buy It

fav tracks: neuborns, a having party, ploo and brof, climb, hapi bdae seth

play: ploo and brof

IMB6016 DUFUS: The Last Classed Blast CDLP 2006 Buy It

fav tracks: babylon com, balloon rocking chair, right on, lay down flat

play: babylon com

IMB6017 NIGHTINGALES: Out Of True CDLP 2006 Buy It

fav tracks: born again in birmingham, theres a new world just opening for me

play: born again in birmingham

Paul E.D Podcast Music World radio

Sensa Yuma – France / Spain / Germany 2009

September 6, 2009


10th Sept 1 Rue de Cambaceres, Montpellier

11th Sept Woodstock Boogie Bar, Limoge

12th Sept Punk’s Shadow Festival, Couterne


25 Sep Escenario Pasión por el ruido / Maneras de vivir Aupa Lumbreiras!! Tobarra (Albacete)


08 Oct Jugendhaus Karlsruhe, Germany
09 Oct Sonic Ballroom Köln, Germany
10 Oct Au Frankfurt, Germany
13 Oct Wild Rover (Irish Pub) Aachen, Germany
14 Oct Giessen, Germany
16 Oct Leipzig, Germany
17 Oct Köpi Berlin, Germany
18 Oct Villa Rosenau, Basel, Switzerland

Police Bastard – "Dedicated" (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16th October 2006)

August 29, 2009

Police Bastard - Dedicated (Front Cover)

Police Bastard – Dedicated (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16-10-2006) – Buy it here

Label: Not On Label
Catalog#: none
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk

Bass – Trog
Drums – Max
Guitar – Gizz Butt
Vocals – Pid

Recorded at the AU squat in Frankfurt, Germany on September 16 2006.
This release has been released by the people of the AU as a tribute to Trogg.


Intro (The Lie)
Who’s Side?
Smash The Face
Major Label Control
Mind Siege
Exploitation  Written-By – Doom
Dance, Be Happy!
Kept Down
No Justice, No Peace
Race Hate
Police Bastard  Written-By – Doom
Kept Down

more info on line-ups past and present:

Current Line Up:-

Stu-Pid – Vocals (1994-1999) (2006-Present) (Contempt/English Dogs/Sensa Yuma)
Seano Porno – Guitar (2007-Present) (Jilted Generation/Depth Charge/Sensa Yuma/Dogshit Sandwich/Fatal Impact/Freebase/Set Against/Hardcore(That Became Mangled)/The Dangerfields)
Mark Badger – Guitar (2007-Present) (Last Under The Sun/Iron Man Records)
Chris Crass – Bass (1994-1997) (2007-Present)
Simon James – Drums (2008-Present) (Rivers Edge)

Past Members:-
John Doom – Guitar/Vocals (1994-2003) (Doom/Sore Throat/Cain/Spineless/
Clive – Drums (1994-2003) (Grovelhog/Filthkick/Cain/Spineless/Sensa Yuma)
Trogg – Bass (R.I.P. 1964-2008)
(1994) (2006-2007) (Contempt/The Tenants)
Dee – Bass (1997-2003) (LD50/Endless Torment/Haxan)
Dan – Guitar (1997-2003) (Spineless)
Gizz Butt – Guitar (2006) (English Dogs/Janus Stark/The Prodigy/The More I See/Doom Day)
Mad Max Evilsen – Drums (2006) (Sensa Yuma)
Si Reeves – Bass (European Tour 2008) (Last Under The Sun/Damn Dirty Apes)
Pixie – Drums (2007-2008) (POA/H8 Target/Kaya/Sensa Yuma/Last Under The Sun)

PUNK ON EARTH FESTIVAL – Birmingham – Jan 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2010

August 25, 2009

‘Apocolypse Now’ 3 day Punk festival Fri 22nd – Sunday 24 January 2010

3 day Punk festival 22-24th Jan 2010 at The Swinging Sporran, Birmingham

Punks Alive Collective present:

APOCALYPSE NOW Punk Festival (Formerly known as PUNK ON EARTH FESTIVAL)

Jan 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2010

3 day punk festival at The Swinging Sporran, Birmingham City Centre. (by Oasis, opposite Forbidden Planet)
Friday 22nd Jan – Sunday 24th Jan 2010.
£25 for the whole weekend/ £12 day ticket
Contact for more details/tickets

The Swinging Sporran, Priory Square, Birmingham, B4 7LL

Rough Kuts, Certified, Girl Fixer, Last Under The Sun, Disorder, cryo-Genics, Lazy Bastards, Murder of Crows, Obscene, One way System, Abrasive Wheels, Cock 55, Sick on the Bus, Dragster, Intention, Constant State of terror, Police Bastard, Versus, Urband Scum, Lazarus Blackstar, Geoffrey Oi!Cott, Fight Back, Visions of war, Wasted Life, Senseless, Hell Krusher, Short Bus Window Lickers, Eastfield, The Obnoxious, Hot Wired, Dun2def, Rotunda, Meathook, Nobodys Heroes, Black bombers, Dogsflesh, I am Collossus, Play Daisy, Barnyard Masturbator, Spanner, Fighting in Somebodys house, Broken Bones, Abrasive Wheels, One Way System, Disorder, Sick on The bus, Septic Psychos

by OASIS opposite Forbidden Planet, Birmingham Town Centre, stalls by Active Rebellion and Ripping Thrash.

weekend tickets £25, Day tickets £12

Sensa Yuma and all of Iron Man Records up on Last FM at last. Help yourself.

July 29, 2008

I’ve loaded the entire Iron Man Records catalogue up onto (and a couple of others) for your listening pleasure. You can now access full length previews of all tracks by all artists. And it’s free. Yes, IT’s FREE.

You can find it all at:
or the label page here:
or try the individual artist music pages as follows…..

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