Nightingales – "Out Of True" in 2014

January 4, 2014

Born out of Birmingham’s original punk group The Prefects, the Nightingales have stubbornly ploughed their own furrow in the field of alternative rock n roll for three decades. 2006 saw the release of “Out Of True” on Iron Man Records and the return of a reformed Nightingales after some years away. The band have not wasted much time since then and yet another new album is on the way for 2014.

Nightingales - Out of True

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The new album, which remains secret for now, was recorded at Faust studio in September 2013 for release in spring 2014. There will be a vinyl lp and the record label & title will be confirmed soon.

The band hope to announce tour dates for UK/Europe for  April and May and some Festivals to be confirmed for over the summer/autumn 2014.

There may be some United States dates in Sept/Oct time too.

Nightingales are planning a 7″ 45rpm to be released at some point & another album to be recorded later in the year for early 2015 release.

Described in John Robb’s definitive post punk biography ‘Death To Trad Rock’ as “the misfits’ misfits”, the band has constantly garnered praise and respect from other artists and received endless glowing press reports, particularly for their live shows. Led by singer/lyricist Robert Lloyd (‘The most underestimated songwriter of his generation’ according to Ben Thompson in the Independent) the latest incarnation of the Nightingales are back again with a new album recorded at Faust studio in September 2013 for release in spring 2014. There will be a vinyl lp and the record label & title will be confirmed soon.

Birmingham’s original punk group The Prefects had been part of The Clash’s ‘White Riot Tour’, recorded a couple of Peel sessions, released a 45 on Rough Trade and, years after splitting up, had a retrospective CD released by NY label Acute Records to all round glowing reviews – from Rolling Stone to webzines.

The Nightingales was formed by former members of The Prefects following that band’s demise in 1979.

With an ever fluctuating line up, based around lyricist/singer Robert Lloyd, the Nightingales enjoyed cult status in the early ’80’s as darlings of the credible music scene and were championed by John Peel, who said of them – “Their performances will serve to confirm their excellence when we are far enough distanced from the 1980’s to look at the period rationally and other, infinitely better known, bands stand revealed as charlatans”.

The group recorded a bunch of critically acclaimed singles (Almost always ‘Single Of The Week’ in the music press) and three albums, plus many radio sessions for their great supporter Peel – more than any other band bar The Fall. They also regularly toured the UK and Northern Europe, as headliners and supporting acts as diverse as Bo Diddley and Nico.

In the late Eighties the Nightingales stopped working but, following the occasional gig between times, they re-grouped in 2004, with Lloyd being joined by original Prefects guitarist Alan Apperley.

Since restarting the group have been more productive than ever – releasing five 7″ vinyl singles and three studio albums (Plus two live ‘bootleg’ albums), touring England, mainland Europe and USA numerous times, recording many radio sessions along the way. They have been invited to play various festivals in Europe and the States, including Glastonbury and SXSW. Their “Let’s Think About Living” 45 was ‘Single Of The Week’ on BBC 6 Music and they have continued to receive regular rave reviews for their records and live shows.

2006 saw the release of “Out Of True” on Iron Man Records and the return of a reformed Nightingales after some years away. In 2008 the band recorded “Insult to Injury” produced by Hans Joachim Irmler of krautrock legends Faust which was released in 2009 on Irmler’s Klangbad label. “The Lost Plot”, an Irmler produced 10″ EP was released to coincide with the band’s Euro tours in 2011.

“No Love Lost” was also recorded at Faust Studio in Germany but this time self produced and was released in April 2012.

small selection of recent press:

Nothing could have prepared for the astonishing revelation of Robert Lloyd’s Nightingales… The cumulative effect is one of euphoric delight, of old knowledge in the hands of new disciples. “Dig the depth of the furrow of mirth that I can plough,” sings Lloyd on The Overreactor. Tonight The Nightingales hit an epic new low. Catch them when they’re at it again – MOJO, UK

The Nightingales have always been simply a great rock ‘n’ roll band and 32 years on they’re right at the top of their game – THE STOOL PIGEON, UK

The Nightingales – they’re back and they’re marvellous – MARC RILEY/BBC 6 MUSIC, UK

Nightingales are unreal. The level of playing and songwriting after their post-punk hiatus is unparalled by any of their generational comeback cohorts – TERRE T/WFMU, USA

With The Fall getting Lifetime Achievement awards and Gang Of Four canonised it is long past time the wayward genius of Robert Lloyd and his cohorts was recognised – RECORD COLLECTOR, UK

Rock & Roll at its best – SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, GERMANY

Consistently excellent, the Nightingales are back, as ferociously sardonic as ever. Nice to see them still mad, still funny, still wrecking the furniture after all these years. – DUSTED, USA

Shows just how poor these skinny jeaned little shits currently doing the rounds really are. – TASTY, UK

The Nightingales in Southend on Friday jetted in to my top ten gigs of all time – PHILL JUPITUS/BBC 6 MUSIC, UK

Forget all these NME Band of the Week types, who make out they don’t care, they won’t compromise, etc, whilst wearing the same indie uniform and churning out the same tired old riffs. They don’t need your attention. The Nightingales do. Because rock ‘n’ roll rarely gets as uncompromising as this – PLASTELIN, SERBIA

The Nightingales revisited their past and offered up the future. Still stunningly relevant – LONDON EVENING STANDARD, UK

The Nightingales subjugate a rapt and breathless audience with a performance of sinewy magnificence – DAILY TELEGRAPH, UK
Tuesday night at the Cake Shop in NYC. One of the best shows I’ve seen in years. Jangly, angsty, angular, punk, post-punk, just rock and roll, whatever, they destroyed – DAN SELZER/ILXOR, USA

The Nightingales have been responsible for some of the most genuinely innovative minority music of the past three decades. – THE QUIETUS, UK

They sound wired, edgy, boozy and as dangerous as ever, like a new band full of that energy that comes with those first moves and not a band who’ve been doing this since the start of punk. Robert Lloyd really shouldn’t be this good after all these years, should he? – THE ORGAN, UK

Boozy and deranged, Insult to Injury is how the new Franz record ought to sound – VICE, UK

This is a living, breathing beast of an album – ARTROCKER MAGAZINE, UK

This is their fiercest, most lacerating album yet, better by a good margin than the mid-1980s Pigs on Purpose…and that was excellent – BLURT, USA

Their freshest and most subtly intoxicating work to date – OBSERVER MUSIC MONTHLY, UK

The new album from the ‘Gales is their finest for 27 years. Start here and work backwards – SUNDAY TIMES, UK

Unlovable as ever. The Nightingales remain hard work for precious little gain – MOJO, UK

“The new album by Nightingales is brilliant. One of the fiercest and most exhilarating rock records I’ve heard in ages.” Andrew Male, MOJO

Nightingales ‘No Love Lost’ cd/dd – Cooking Vinyl – Released April 30th 2012 – Press Report March 30th 2012

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Police Bastard – "Dedicated" (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16th October 2006)

August 29, 2009

Police Bastard - Dedicated (Front Cover)

Police Bastard – Dedicated (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16-10-2006) – Buy it here

Label: Not On Label
Catalog#: none
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk

Bass – Trog
Drums – Max
Guitar – Gizz Butt
Vocals – Pid

Recorded at the AU squat in Frankfurt, Germany on September 16 2006.
This release has been released by the people of the AU as a tribute to Trogg.


Intro (The Lie)
Who’s Side?
Smash The Face
Major Label Control
Mind Siege
Exploitation  Written-By – Doom
Dance, Be Happy!
Kept Down
No Justice, No Peace
Race Hate
Police Bastard  Written-By – Doom
Kept Down

more info on line-ups past and present:

Current Line Up:-

Stu-Pid – Vocals (1994-1999) (2006-Present) (Contempt/English Dogs/Sensa Yuma)
Seano Porno – Guitar (2007-Present) (Jilted Generation/Depth Charge/Sensa Yuma/Dogshit Sandwich/Fatal Impact/Freebase/Set Against/Hardcore(That Became Mangled)/The Dangerfields)
Mark Badger – Guitar (2007-Present) (Last Under The Sun/Iron Man Records)
Chris Crass – Bass (1994-1997) (2007-Present)
Simon James – Drums (2008-Present) (Rivers Edge)

Past Members:-
John Doom – Guitar/Vocals (1994-2003) (Doom/Sore Throat/Cain/Spineless/
Clive – Drums (1994-2003) (Grovelhog/Filthkick/Cain/Spineless/Sensa Yuma)
Trogg – Bass (R.I.P. 1964-2008)
(1994) (2006-2007) (Contempt/The Tenants)
Dee – Bass (1997-2003) (LD50/Endless Torment/Haxan)
Dan – Guitar (1997-2003) (Spineless)
Gizz Butt – Guitar (2006) (English Dogs/Janus Stark/The Prodigy/The More I See/Doom Day)
Mad Max Evilsen – Drums (2006) (Sensa Yuma)
Si Reeves – Bass (European Tour 2008) (Last Under The Sun/Damn Dirty Apes)
Pixie – Drums (2007-2008) (POA/H8 Target/Kaya/Sensa Yuma/Last Under The Sun)

Birmingham Twinned with Your Darkest Thought?

November 10, 2008

“Pop music (or what ever sub-genre title you feel comfortable using) should never be subsidised by the state. The Arts Council or similar bodies must never be allowed to get near it. If any particular form of pop music can not survive in the cut and thrust of the market place it should be allowed to whither and die. The same goes for all the rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs. If people don’t want to pay the price for the ticket and would rather spend the night down the local Weatherspoons drinking cheap lager, so be it. Culture has to be on the move, in a state of continual flux or it is nothing, fit only for the museum and the text book.”

Your Darkest Thought. State Funding and Music, You have been warned.

June 20, 2007

I was thinking about writing my own piece on this but then I found myself at The Adelphi in Hull with Dufus. After a long conversation with Paul, the owner of The Adelphi, who has proved a one man army behind the best gig in Hull for independent bands, I decided instead to quote you some words written by Bill Drummond as a contribution to “One Man and His Bog.” The Photos are mine, the words are Bill’s, The Adelphi is Paul’s and the people who work there are some of the best you’ll find. Oh Yeah, and public funding or state sponsorhip of the arts has had nothing to do with it.
your darkest thought
July 2004 by Bill Drummond

Taken from: “One Man And His Bog” (Twenty years on the toilet tour). One Man And His Bog does not have an ISBN but is available from Amazon, it is a book that celebrates 20 years of the New Adelphi Club in Hull.

“There are plenty of pubs called the Nags Head. One of them is in a village called Wollaston in Northamptonshire. In the late sixties and early seventies they used to put bands on in the room above the bar. My mates and I would get the bus over from Corby to Wellingborough, then walk the three miles out to Woolaston and, lastly, climb the rickety wooden stairs on the outside of the Nags Head to get into that room to watch the bands. There week after week, we could see all the bands that we read about in the NME and Melody Maker and heard on the John Peel Show. The stage was about the size of my kitchen table, the toilets overflowed, we usually missed the last bus home and had to hitch. We loved it all, even when the band was one we hated because they had the wrong sort of haircuts. Most of the bands we saw never got further than their second album and are now long forgotten except for the odd mention in Record Collector. Others like Elton John and The Faces (featuring Rod Stewart) made more than two albums.

The Nags Head was not the only place that we went to, There was the room at the back of the Railway Hotel at Blisworth were we saw Deep Purple, The Tin Hat in Kettering where we saw Fleetwood Mac, and a place in Market Harborough where they put bands on Sunday afternoons and we saw Black Sabbath there.

I’m name checking the above bands, not because they were my favourites but because they all went on to sell millions of records around the world and their names are now writ large over the history of rock’n’roll. As far as I knew there were similar rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs across the land. It made sense and, as far as I was concerned, it would stay that way forever.

But then for a few years it all got a bit dull. British rock music went pomp got a bit to full of itself and I lost interest in going to see bands. Then punk happened in 1976 and in ’77 I found myself in a band. We were called Big In Japan, of course we weren’t big in Japan, we weren’t big anywhere. We lived in Liverpool and within the 12 months of our existence we did hundreds of gigs in rooms above pubs, and dodgy clubs. Every one of these places we played seemed to have a promoter who was a bit of a wide boy, lived by the seat of his pants but loved music. They loved all sorts of music, music that I had never heard before and, although they had to make ends meet and maybe had fantasies about being the next Peter Grant or Malcolm McLaren, they seemed to be more interested in a crusade to champion their favourite music.

Big In Japan amounted to fuck all, but there were others playing the same places as us that went on to conquer America and all that other bollocks. Like the bands from that earlier generation, they went on to get their names writ large in rock Val Hala.

The reason why I’m telling you the above is to give a bit of background before I try to make my point. It being: We in this country have been lucky over the last forty years, or so, to have had a vibrant musical culture that has had an influence over the rest of the world. Considering the size of our population we have been punching successfully way above our weight. But for every one band that goes on to have global success you need to have nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine that struggle hard to get somewhere but ultimately fail. It is only through playing live in the worst conditions that bands learn their craft. You need to have a network of shit holes and toilets across the land where bands can play for this to happen. The only reason why these islands have produced such a, comparatively speaking, high number of internationally successful bands is because we have had these hundreds of crap gigs to play in when they started out.

UK PLC has done very well out of the fact that our country has produced these bands. It is not only the tax they have earned for the land, but for the last four decades and counting, young people from around the globe have wanted to come here and spend their cash, drawn to what they perceive to be our hip, cool and vibrant youth culture. Without those nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine bands of which you’ve never heard playing in places that you would never want to go, that hip, cool and vibrant culture would never have existed. As a result, we would have bought into what America has to shove down our throats even more than we already have.
Pop music (or what ever sub-genre title you feel comfortable using) should never be subsidised by the state. The Arts Council or similar bodies must never be allowed to get near it. If any particular form of pop music can not survive in the cut and thrust of the market place it should be allowed to whither and die. The same goes for all the rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs. If people don’t want to pay the price for the ticket and would rather spend the night down the local Weatherspoons drinking cheap lager, so be it. Culture has to be on the move, in a state of continual flux or it is nothing, fit only for the museum and the text book.

But if the laws of the land make it ever more difficult for the current generation of would be wide boys, who live by the seat of their pants but who love music to make things happen in rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs, not only will our national purse be that much lighter but our culture that much deader.

The way things are going they would have closed down The Cavern and where would that have left us all?”

A Footnote: Please note that if you visit The Adelphi Club in Hull you must also visit the back room. There is a sign on the back wall and it reads: “Hull is Twinned with your darkest thought.”

And then a friend sent me this link:

“This is hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers money put at risk because senior management at AWM apparently can’t take constructive criticism. Not only is taxpayers money at risk but small firms can be put out of business through losing out on one funded project.”

Iron Man Shop

December 16, 2006

I’ve loaded up loads of new cds and vinyl in the Iron Man Shop. You can find it at

Among the most recent additions you will find Christ the Album by Crass and Astronome by John Zorn along with stuff by Fugazi, Nomeansno and others

Oh Shit

December 11, 2006

You scored as Discordian. You are a Discordian! That makes you a real oddball, and this is a fact in which you take great pride! Everything is funny, and really, who cares anyway? Synchronicity is the Great Cosmic Comedy, and meaning is where you find it! Have you hugged your paradigm today?

Aimless Eclectic
White Lighter
True Alternative

What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
created with

I think I've sorted it

December 9, 2006


I think I’ve finally got this blog page set out the way I want. Many Thanks to Andrew Dubber who spends most of his time giving me long lists of things to do. On this occassion he did most of it for me whilst I sat and drank coffee, ate cheese sandwiches and complained a lot. Check out his blog called New Music Strategies.

Police Bastard gigs 2006 UK

December 3, 2006

POLICE BASTARD are back from the dead…….

Police Bastard are back with a new line up;

Pid – Vox
Trogg – Bass
Max Evilson – Drums
Gizz Butt – Guitar.

Sick of bullshit right wing unpolitical crap….? So are we, hence forth the rebirth of police bastard, to strengthen our anarchist underground movement….. fuck authority, keep fighting on. stay free PB. [Read more]

Dufus Tour Dates Update

November 7, 2006

Dufus Tour Dates UPDATE
Electronic Press Kit:

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Dufus European Tour Dates

November 3, 2006

Here’s latest Tour Dates and Press kit links for Nightingales and Dufus

Dufus European tour….
Dufus Press Kit Link:

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Out of Order

October 27, 2006

Sorry but this Blog is out of order, It’s doing my head in. Back in Five years.

Dufus The Last Classed Blast

October 16, 2006

Hi Folks,
the new DUFUS album called THE LAST CLASSED BLAST is out on Monday 16th OCTOBER 2006 and you can sample free MP3 to decide for yourself at

Dufus are Touring Europe with first Date in London 8th November at Windmill Brixton. more details below

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Nightingales and Dufus gig update

October 10, 2006

10th Oct 2006
Nightingales (New CD “Out of True” album release party)
+ Poppy and the Jezebels
+ The Victoria Lucas…..from New York.
Watch their Video for Back to Junk by clicking on this link:
The Victoria Lucas will be onstage at 07:30 PM so get there early
Jug Of Ale
43 Alcester Road,
£6, £5 advance
John Peel Day gig With POPPY & THE JEZEBELS + THE VICTORIA LUCAS. Advance tickets(Recommended) from (08712 200 260). Note – Under 18s admitted with ID.
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September 2006 Newsletter

September 8, 2006

Hi Folks,
Here’s the latest news, gig dates, videos, and the rest from Iron Man Records

News from Reknaw, London.

Saturday 7th October 2006
An Anti-Fascist benefit gig

Inner Terrestrials
Short Bus Window Lickers,
and more TBC!!
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Dufus – The Last Classed Blast

August 2, 2006

Dufus – “The Last Classed Blast” cd/lp
Released Monday 16th October 2006 by Iron Man records

“Sheep up like a goat-herd…..” here comes Dufus

Dufus are from Ithaca, New York, and are widely respected as possibly one of the most prolific, original and influential bands to emerge from the chaotic mash of the Anti-Folk and Experimental Acoustic/Rock genre in the last ten years. Dufus release their 10th album “The Last Classed Blast” on Monday 16th October on Iron Man Records, distributed by Code 7 via Plastic Head Distribution. Dufus will be touring extensively across Europe from November to December 2006 with the full band line-up to promote the new album.
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