Wub Wainwright – Haloes & Sundogs released on Iron Man Records

Wub Wainwright is a composer, songwriter and lyricist. His music explores arcane, rural and dark earth experiences, both inside and outside the mind.

All songs written and composed by W. Wainwright

Additional instrumentation: C. Richardson, J. Burton, J.C. Herbert, and M. Kirkpatrick

Recorded by A.M.P at Goldsmiths, New Cross, London and Golden Valley, Herefordshire 2005-2006

Produced by J.C. Herbert, M. Kirkpatrick and W. Wainwright.

Mixed and Mastered by M. Kirkpatrick

Released on Iron Man Records 2020

Wub Wainwright - Haloes & Sundogs (2006)

IMB6045 Wub Wainwright – Haloes & Sundogs – Digital Release (2020)

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