The Trolley Song

Sorry I’m late, I had trouble getting here
Met a man, yes another strange one
I was standing, looking up at the thunderclouds
said he was, the man who keeps the sky


What kind of people are these?
Who put value more on property than people
Who put their wealth before their wisdom
Who fill the air with dust and all these poisons


I can carry, the sound with my bare hands
Of the ships bells passing in the night
I tend to the roofgardens of the world
Rest your tears, let me show you how to
Make it rain
Make it rain


The path of life is not an easy one
And we must sail the oceans of our dreams
Steer clear of all the money scrapers
And when the thunderstorms come my friend, ride your ride


Ride your ride

I am a thunderdreamer
I am The keeper of the skies


Ride your ride


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun – Gone CD