Dufus – The Last Classed Blast CD distributed by Cargo

Dufus - The Last Classed Blast
Dufus – The Last Classed Blast – IMB6016 CD distributed by Cargo

Dufus are widely respected as possibly the most prolific, original and influential band to emerge from the chaotic mash of the Anti-Folk and experimental acoustic and rock genre in the last ten years. Dufus released their 10th album “The Last Classed Blast” on Iron Man Records.

The record features 15 tracks written and arranged by lyricist/singer, acoustic guitar player and front man Seth Faergolzia. The record was Engineered and Mixed by Mark Ospovatat at Emandee Recording House, Brooklyn, New York. Within the music of Dufus resides a severe tension in constant jeopardy of hurtling out of control; aggressive and nurturing, chaotic yet structured, solitary and social, apolitical and revolutionary. It is complex genius. Dufus wears experimental song structures and their own handmade clothing, improvising often during live performance with a blend of different forms in often unexpected and pleasantly surprising ways while all the time maintaining an uplifting experience for the listener’s benefit. The uses of all forms of art are included, musically and visually stimulating with a degree of performance art unknown to most audiences.

Seth Faergolzia is truly an intense performer with a truly connected mind. Seth is known for his trademark of reversing lines, swapping lyrics, changing tempos and style whilst cutting up words or replacing with his own made up language and extensive vocal sounds. John Peel loved it.

Dufus has graced the stage with such acts as Ween, Animal Collective, Moldy Peaches, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kool Kieth, Regina Spektor, Herman Dune, Dub Trio, Cerberus Shoal, Adam Green, Usaisamonster, Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis, Moe, John Brown’s Body, and the Black Dice.

“An incredible record which wears off-kilter, experimental song structures like a gleaming new suit” Mary Boyd, National Student Newspaper.

“Songs like the cut-up Dawn Crusade and the interestingly titled Nenglich Phlarloosely keep the freak flag flying” Subba Culture.

“A weird mix of folk, Beefheart and Zappa style avant-nuttiness” Mark Rowland Penny Black Music.

“Rightly respected as one of the most prolific, original and influential bands to emerge from the anti-folk scene and in their ten years of being have been criminally ignored by wider audiences” Mary Boyd, National Student Newspaper.

Tracklisting: 1/Dawn Crusade 2/Babylon Com 3/Tutu 4/Innabarabie 5/Dissassemblement Hymn # Exponential 6/Heaven is Waiting 7/Balloon Rocking Chair 8/War is Over 9/Right On 10/Nenglich Phlarloosely 11/You Weren’t Ready 12/Sacred Charney 13/On and On 14/Lay Down Flat 15/Try More Patiently

Artwork By – Nick White
Engineer – Kinyon Brinson, Mark Ospovat, Nathan Silas Richardson
Mastered By – Mark Christensen
Mixed By [Emandee Recording House] – Mark Ospovat
Mixed By [Rep Studios] – Nathan Silas Richardson
Performer [Musicians] – Amanda Conklin, Anders Griffen, Betsy Cohen, Bree Fisher, Brent Cole, Eyal Talmudi, G. Lucas Crane, Imani Coppola, Jali Jobatieh, Mark Ospovat, Pan Tor, Rick Snell, Rudy Nunez, Ryan Abb, Ryan Bruce Curtis, Seth Hebert Faergolzia, Spencer Chakedis, Stephen Calkins, William Meyer
Producer – Dufus, Seth Faergolzia
Mixed at Emandee Recording House, Brooklyn, and Rep Studios, Ithaca
Mastered at Engine Room