P.A.I.N – Our Universe Commences Here Vinyl distributed by Cargo

P.A.I.N - O.U.C.H - Our Universe Commences Here 1600x1600

Track Listings

1. Schtum
2. P.A.I.N
3. Blue Ska
4. Rocking Cross De Borda
5. Neighbourhood Watch
6. Super Drugs
7. A-Z
8. S.T.A.H.B.M
9. Eastern Dub
10. Chickens

Double Gatefold Vinyl (Distributed By Cargo 13 Oct 2014)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Iron Man Records

O.U.C.H is the long awaited second album from P.A.I.N. The South London conspiracy offer the world a radioactive audio file crammed full of Nuclear Dub, Genetically modified Ska, and BSE laced Punk Rock. The album is about the prison system, its use against the defenceless, and laws that cannot be defended. The band have found allies in unexpected places, such as the well documented liason with Howard Marks and the support of Kate Bush. Always outspoken, P.A.I.N see their music as a vehicle of political expression; There is much more to Our Universe than the prohibition of Cannabis, you only have to look at the poetic irony of simultaneous fuel protests and widespread environmental catastrophe. Everyone will talk of the necessity for radical change, yet still, nothing changes. Are we all just consumers for the profit of the IMF? Do our lives really amount to a column of figures? Just who has the power now? Surprisingly, it’s still all of us. The Protest Movement has become global in response, and we now have a genuine opportunity to fight back at the real enemy; no longer the copper, or politician, but the evil bastards who claim with a straight face that they own 90% of the worlds resources. We are all born on this planet and every single human being alive has an equal right to life, air, water, and food. They tell us that this is being naive and unrealistic. We tell them that we will never rest until our demands are met, they had better sleep lightly – P.A.I.N.

Original sleeve artwork by top British cartoonist Pete Loveday whose Saga of Russell comic books can be found around the world. P.A.I.N feature ex-members of R.D.F and A.O.S.3. Members of P.A.I.N can also be found in SUICIDE BID, RUBELLA BALLET, LESS and LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCHORD.

P.A.I.N - OUCH poster 150 dpi