Morus – Cialo Obce (CD) released 23rd January 2019 on Iron Man Records

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“Amazing Record. Members of POST REGIMENT and fellow Warsaw punkers ANTIDOTUM, EDELWEISS PIRATEN, ATOMICO PATIBULO & EL BANDA”

Morus - Cialo Obce (CD) 23rd January 2019

Morus – “Cialo Obce” CD Released 23rd January 2019 as a collaboration between MORUS, IRON MAN RECORDS and TRUJACA FALA. Catalogue Number: IMB6043.

“Cialo Obce” translates to “foreign body” or “alien body”

Morus - Cialo Obce (CD) 23rd January 2019

Morus started as a band around 2012 in Warsaw. The group went through several name changes and played a few gigs around Poland – mostly at squats or independent clubs/places. The band played some DIY festivals including ‘ultra chaos punx picnic’ in żelebsko and “outside fest” in Wojcieszów, both in 2016.

Morus recorded their first demo in 2012, the second one in 2016 – they can be still found on bandcamp.

Morus has been released on “outside fest vol. V” compilation by ATMAN and “VYVES” compilation by TOO CIRCLE.

MORUS – CIALO OBCE: “I’ve long had a love affair with Polish hardcore and punk and singular in that obsession has long been Post Regiment—so you can imagine how excited I was to discover that two members had formed a new band called Morus. Fundamentally, this retains the same level of intensity and dynamism while being slightly angular yet melodic as their prior efforts and is well worth your listen. To me, there has long been something unique and slightly magical in the hardcore punk that came out behind the Iron Curtain and it is good to see the veterans of that era continue to produce infectious and vital music.” No Echo

MORUS – CIALO OBCE: “MORUS is a fairly well recognised Polish punk band that throughout its 6 years of ins and outs of existence managed to play well established punk festivals and release two demos. Time has come to record a full length LP and, hopefully, become a regular and active band around the continent. “Cialo Obce” has been co-released by Ruin Nation (DE), Unrest (CA), Iron Man (UK), Last Hour (US) and Trująca Fala (PL) so it reaches many homes around the globe.

This uptempo hardcore punk gives you a well deserved rest from your d-beat crust acts or whatever noise rules your stereo. Those of you who have dug some Polish punk should be no strangers to DEZERTER and POST REGIMENT. Mix the two and you get something that I have been longing for a long time. Whilst DEZERTER (the 90s and on) has always been too “clean” for me and POST REGIMENT too rocky at times, MORUS manage to bring the perfect mix of dirty sounding guitars and slightly distorted vocals, finishing it off with punk production of the record, which is not DEZERTER and POST REGIMENT derived.

Do not expect a lot of break-your-neck speed here, but do expect tempo changes and the invitation to travel through the ills of this society, so you give yourself a moment to reflect over the so-called modern life. Women’s expected role in life, government and media control, domestic relations and the good old rebellion stance.

Well produced, designed and delivered by MORUS. This is the vinyl record I needed in the late 80s and early 90s to trade with friends from Europe. Timeless.”

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