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‘WALLS HAVE EARS’ is the new album from Transglobal Underground, featuring family members from the beginning, the present and the future. It will be released on May 15th 2020.

Transglobal Underground – “Walls Have Ears” is available today Friday 1st May 2020, for one day only on Bandcamp. Available on vinyl £15, CD £10, and digital download £8. But for 24 hours only

Transglobal Underground have been described as “an anarchic self-built non-structure that goes it’s own way.” Tim and Hami have just sent me through an advance promo copy of the new album. It’s probably the best record they’ve ever made.

Here’s a video for a track called Ruma Jhuma from the forthcoming Transglobal album ‘Walls Have  Ears’ released May 15th 2020. The track features Natacha Atlas and Sheema Mukherjee.

Transglobal Underground – Walls Have Ears

You’ve gone your own idiosyncratic way since the 1990s. You’ve  refused labels, moved in and out of different scenes and styles, achieving different forms of success in different parts of the world. Sometimes you’ve been a band, sometimes a production team, sometimes a bunch of  DJs, sometimes simply indescribable. You still thrive in a world where everything you’ve ever done is instantly available from the start of the story up to the present.

People are never sure of who you are, yourself included. Members come, go, come back, but it’s not a question of joining or leaving, so weren’t they always members in any case? You’ve been described as a collective but that’s too solid a definition.

You’re closer to an anarchic self-built non-structure that goes it’s own way, follows it’s own plans and those so-called members, most of whom aren’t members at all, simply follow.

Transglobal Underground

Once the city was a joyful noise, one big random pirate radio playing random music from random cultures making random connections across lines of history, genre and lifestyle. The rules weren’t being broken, they’d simply disappeared and the growth of sampling, electronica and dance culture invited a future full of possibility.

Now that future has arrived and turns out it’s a bleak forest of red crane lights. What isn’t burned down is sold off and replaced, and a new city, designed to streamline and neuter any creativity, builds walls to keep out it’s own inhabitants.

So, in reaction, you keep shining your own light. You keep following your own path. You keep it funky. And, when the walls are put up, you listen to the walls until the walls listen back.

Here’s a video by TUUP for the track called Bloodshot Eyes. The song is a post electoral observation from Transglobal Underground. This appears on the new album ‘Walls Have Ears’

‘WALLS HAVE EARS’ is the new album from Transglobal Underground, featuring family members from the beginning, the present and the future. It will be released on May 15th by Mule Satellite recordings.

RUMA JHUMA: the return of Natacha Atlas to the Transglobal family! TGUs original lead vocalist duets with the UKs best known sitarist Sheema Mukherjee in a gorgeous first recorded collaboration.

THE PEOPLE CARRIER: a ride on the Chelsea Tractor from Hell. Dubulah of Dub Colossus to the fore on bass.

MIND THE GAP: a tribute to the Central Line with Sheema Mukherjee duetting again…this time with Inder Goldfinger, an original member and now with Winachi Tribe on platform 3 waiting for the Northern Powerhouse.

STAND UP (NIFHAMOU): a north African trance rhythm filtered through London and Paris, with Natacha Atlas flying off into some spectacular improvisation.

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REVIEWS so far…..

‘Transglobal Underground have never really taken the usual route….pioneers of world dubtronica, and have stayed at the forefront of the scene ever since.” SONGLINES

“TGU have an awesome reputation for putting on great live shows and tonight truly is an audio-visual extravaganza”    GIG JUNKIES

“Feet stamp…hands go up in the air around the hall”   THE DUB

As cool and sultry as ever…almost ridiculously hook laden’ SONGLINES

“Exactly what the doctor ordered’ FESTIVAL VIEW

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