Transglobal Underground featuring Natacha Atlas – Destination Overground

It’s the early 1990s. Drum and bass are two separate things. Club music and live music exist in two separate universes. Bhangra is omnipresent and unknown at one and the same time. Reggae and dub are half-forgotten sub genres. If you want to find any Arabic music in London there’s a guy with a stall at Shepherds Bush Market and that’s about it. Every music genre is parcelled up, labelled up, and kept in it’s own yard as far as possible from any other.

This compilation celebrates a rebellion against the musical divisions of those days, tells the story of how it happened and what happened next.

It all started with a bunch of disgruntled musicians, singers, DJ, writers and sampler geeks hanging round the cramped offices of West London...

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STEVE HOWE (of the band YES) a rare, Solo show in support of the Ed Renshaw Award – Wednesday 31st October 2018

In December 2011, Ed Renshaw, the son of British clothes designer Margaret Howell, committed suicide following a long bout of depression. Ed was a gifted musician. He was 30.

Ed, who had been playing guitar since the age of ten had a rare talent for the instrument, equally fluent in classical, jazz and other styles he had achieved international recognition and had a bright future ahead of him. Despite the mentoring and support he received from the music business, family and friends, Ed suffered from a lack of self-esteem.

Set up in memory of Renshaw by his family and friends in 2012, the Ed Renshaw Award aims to help young musicians (some of whom have mental health issues) in South East London – Ed’s home - to achieve their potential. The...

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Ed Renshaw Music Award

In December 2011, Ed Renshaw, the son of British clothes designer Margaret Howell, committed suicide following a long bout of depression.

‘Sad to report the death of guitarist Ed Renshaw, a guitarist able to play in a broad range of contexts from work in Alec Dankworth's Spanish Accents band and with Tony Coe, to classical repertoire and flamenco. His work abroad had taken him to Vienna, working with Peter Herbert and Franz Koglmann, and to the Loelner Philharomnie. Sandy Burnett writes: "he was a supremely talented jazz and classical guitarist. He was young - born in 1981 - and had been suffering from depression’ - London Jazz News

Ed was an extremely gifted guitarist who had achieved international...

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Ed Renshaw Music Award – The Albany, London. Steve Howe, Transglobal Underground feat. Natacha Atlas, Riot Jazz Brass Band, and Omar Puente

Peter Conway Management and the Albany in association with Youth Music present "Evenings for Ed" Wednesday 31 October - Saturday 3 November 2018.

Featuring Steve Howe (solo), Transglobal Underground featuring Natacha Atlas, Riot Jazz Brass Band and Omar Puente.

Set-up in memory of Renshaw by his family and friends in 2012, the Ed Renshaw Music Award is intended to help young musicians, aged 16 – 25, in South East London to achieve their potential.

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National Children’s Remembrance Concert, Genting Arena, Birmingham, November 3rd 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of the first World War.

More than 2500 children will be performing in the first ever National Children’s Remembrance Concert at the Genting Arena in Birmingham on November 3rd 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of the first World War.

Children from across the country will perform music, song and drama to commemorate and remember the tens of millions of civilians and combatants from across the world who died in that war including an estimated 540,000 children. The concert will pay homage to the role and sacrifices by women and non-combatants and the many millions of animals that were killed in the conflict including nearly eight million horses and mules. Large screens will be used throughout.

There will be a choir of over 2000 children dressed so as...

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Seth Faergolzia of Dufus: Loop Paintings and European Tour 2018


Seth Faergolzia will be making his yearly round of Europe this Winter (Jan/Feb 2018) with his new album "Loop Paintings", this time with a different sort of concert.

Jan 5 Bugjar (Sendoff Show!) - Rochester, NY
Jan 17 East Side Tavern - Dublin, Ireland
Jan 19 Black Box - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Jan 20 House show - Galway, Ireland
Jan 21 Waggon - Offenbach, Germany
Jan 22 Benderhof -...

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Brassick – Appreciate Your Concern EP released on Iron Man Records 15th October 2017

IMB6038 Brassick - Appreciate Your Concern EP

Released on Iron Man Records, 15th October 2017

Brassick are Nicola, Peter, Jay & George.

Hailing from the West Midlands UK, Brassick have a fast growing following and reputation as one of the most exciting bands around. Playing a mash up sound of punk, metal and hardcore, they released their first EP “Broke & Restless” in 2013. This was followed two years later in 2015 with their self titled debut album.

The band are proudly independent but have worked closely throughout their time with French Label Mass Prod who have helped establish them amongst the punk scene in France and...

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Rachel Mayfield – “Winter of Desire” 12th October 2017

IMB6037 Rachel Mayfield - "Winter of Desire" released on Iron Man Records, 12th October 2017

All songs written by Rachel Mayfield

Rachel Mayfield - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Toni Woodward- Cello/Vocal Harmonies
Kirsty Ford - Vocal Harmonies
Produced by - Paul Robert Gray
Recorded at - Saint Dunstans Church Hall, June 2017
Art Work - Dave Twist
Photography - Ian Whitney
Dedication - 'For Huck'

BUY Rachel Mayfield - "Winter of Desire" here

For all Bookings and Press enquiries email:

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Police Bastard – Confined: Death, doom, despair and TERRIFYING NOISE… discussed.

Here's part of an interview With 2 members of Police Bastard conducted by Robin Valk who spends his time writing about Music, Musicians, Music Business and Radio in the UK's West Midlands.

Robin: As a bumbling young rock DJ, I covered the decline of progressive and hard rock throughout the 70s. Pub-rock rose and fell, global forces like Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac emerged, and Birmingham moved from Monsters of Metal to cross-cultural mixes, (UB40, Apache Indian, the Beat, Ruby Turner). Oh, and let’s not forget the New Romantics. On second thought, let’s.

By the end of the decade, Punk Rock emerged, to be rapidly commoditised as product and fashion trend (Generation X...

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