Ritual Midnight Mass Burn – Saturday 3rd November 2018 at The Cockpit, London.

Produced and presented by Church of the Cosmic Burn

This Ritual Mass Money Burning is FREE to attend. You must register on the Events Facebook Page 
or text your name to 07497 885115.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGQMOcA30mU]

, Gateforth Street, London, NW8 8EH
Box Office: 020 7258 2925
 (10.30am - 6pm, Monday - Friday,
 12 noon - 6pm, Saturday)


(Please arrive at least 23 minutes before the service)

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STEVE HOWE (of the band YES) a rare, Solo show in support of the Ed Renshaw Award – Wednesday 31st October 2018

In December 2011, Ed Renshaw, the son of British clothes designer Margaret Howell, committed suicide following a long bout of depression. Ed was a gifted musician. He was 30.

Ed, who had been playing guitar since the age of ten had a rare talent for the instrument, equally fluent in classical, jazz and other styles he had achieved international recognition and had a bright future ahead of him. Despite the mentoring and support he received from the music business, family and friends, Ed suffered from a lack of self-esteem.

Set up in memory of Renshaw by his family and friends in 2012, the Ed Renshaw Award aims to help young musicians (some of whom have mental health issues) in South East London – Ed’s home - to achieve their potential. The...

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Ed Renshaw Music Award

In December 2011, Ed Renshaw, the son of British clothes designer Margaret Howell, committed suicide following a long bout of depression.

‘Sad to report the death of guitarist Ed Renshaw, a guitarist able to play in a broad range of contexts from work in Alec Dankworth's Spanish Accents band and with Tony Coe, to classical repertoire and flamenco. His work abroad had taken him to Vienna, working with Peter Herbert and Franz Koglmann, and to the Loelner Philharomnie. Sandy Burnett writes: "he was a supremely talented jazz and classical guitarist. He was young - born in 1981 - and had been suffering from depression’ - London Jazz News

Ed was an extremely gifted guitarist who had achieved international...

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Ed Renshaw Music Award – The Albany, London. Steve Howe, Transglobal Underground feat. Natacha Atlas, Riot Jazz Brass Band, and Omar Puente

Peter Conway Management and the Albany in association with Youth Music present "Evenings for Ed" Wednesday 31 October - Saturday 3 November 2018.

Featuring Steve Howe (solo), Transglobal Underground featuring Natacha Atlas, Riot Jazz Brass Band and Omar Puente.

Set-up in memory of Renshaw by his family and friends in 2012, the Ed Renshaw Music Award is intended to help young musicians, aged 16 – 25, in South East London to achieve their potential.

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Burning Issue – Everything Burns. It’s not about the money…..

Have you ever considered how much your life weighs?

1100 Kilos of Burning Issue Magazine may be enough to push a Luton Van overweight. A medium wheel base panel van from VW can carry up to 1,375kg. I know what I would use to move Burning Issue around if I had to. I like to take my nonsense seriously. This appears no differently.

BURNING ISSUE - The World's First Magazine for Money Burners - SUPER DELUXE EDITION - 23rd JUNE 2018

Burning Issue SUPER DELUXE (2018/19)
160 pages - £12.00 (ISSN 2516-8738)
Double page pullout. Free £23 note and surprise gift.
A4 fine quality 'art catalogue' print.

available from Iron Man Records.....
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The Dough Rollers

"This kid I like right now, Jack, he's in this band The Dough Rollers. I like this kid's style. He's not trying to knock you over. I like watching him."  Jack White, Rolling Stone.

The Dough Rollers take their name from a song (Dough Roller Blues) officially recorded in the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee in 1930 by celebrated blues singer and guitarist Garfield Akers. The track Cottonfield Blues which Akers recorded a year earlier has often been credited with heralding the birth of rock n roll itself and when you consider that the Dough Rollers also cite  “Father of the Delta Blues” musician Charley Patton as a major hero you get some idea that you’re not going to see these guys on American Idol any time soon. Which is not to say that haven’t already appeared on the...

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