STEVE HOWE (of the band YES) a rare, Solo show in support of the Ed Renshaw Award – Wednesday 31st October 2018

In December 2011, Ed Renshaw, the son of British clothes designer Margaret Howell, committed suicide following a long bout of depression. Ed was a gifted musician. He was 30.

Ed, who had been playing guitar since the age of ten had a rare talent for the instrument, equally fluent in classical, jazz and other styles he had achieved international recognition and had a bright future ahead of him. Despite the mentoring and support he received from the music business, family and friends, Ed suffered from a lack of self-esteem.

Set up in memory of Renshaw by his family and friends in 2012, the Ed Renshaw Award aims to help young musicians (some of whom have mental health issues) in South East London – Ed’s home - to achieve their potential. The...

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Ed Renshaw Music Award

In December 2011, Ed Renshaw, the son of British clothes designer Margaret Howell, committed suicide following a long bout of depression.

‘Sad to report the death of guitarist Ed Renshaw, a guitarist able to play in a broad range of contexts from work in Alec Dankworth's Spanish Accents band and with Tony Coe, to classical repertoire and flamenco. His work abroad had taken him to Vienna, working with Peter Herbert and Franz Koglmann, and to the Loelner Philharomnie. Sandy Burnett writes: "he was a supremely talented jazz and classical guitarist. He was young - born in 1981 - and had been suffering from depression’ - London Jazz News

Ed was an extremely gifted guitarist who had achieved international...

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Ed Renshaw Music Award – The Albany, London. Steve Howe, Transglobal Underground feat. Natacha Atlas, Riot Jazz Brass Band, and Omar Puente

Peter Conway Management and the Albany in association with Youth Music present "Evenings for Ed" Wednesday 31 October - Saturday 3 November 2018.

Featuring Steve Howe (solo), Transglobal Underground featuring Natacha Atlas, Riot Jazz Brass Band and Omar Puente.

Set-up in memory of Renshaw by his family and friends in 2012, the Ed Renshaw Music Award is intended to help young musicians, aged 16 – 25, in South East London to achieve their potential.

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Police Bastard + Hexed at The Black Bull, Gateshead, Friday, 22nd September. £5

Police Bastard + Hexed play at The Black Bull, Gateshead Friday 22nd September £5

Police Bastard - Confined (VINYL)

A big Thank You to all of you who have ordered the VINYL or have contributed as Iron Man Records Patrons.

Here's a Video you may have missed.....


If you would like to buy Police Bastard - Confined on VINYL try the Iron Man Shop here

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Police Bastard – Confined: Death, doom, despair and TERRIFYING NOISE… discussed.

Here's part of an interview With 2 members of Police Bastard conducted by Robin Valk who spends his time writing about Music, Musicians, Music Business and Radio in the UK's West Midlands.

Robin: As a bumbling young rock DJ, I covered the decline of progressive and hard rock throughout the 70s. Pub-rock rose and fell, global forces like Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac emerged, and Birmingham moved from Monsters of Metal to cross-cultural mixes, (UB40, Apache Indian, the Beat, Ruby Turner). Oh, and let’s not forget the New Romantics. On second thought, let’s.

By the end of the decade, Punk Rock emerged, to be rapidly commoditised as product and fashion trend (Generation X...

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Police Bastard – Confined (VINYL) is available from Iron Man Records now

Police Bastard - Confined (VINYL) has arrived after many months of waiting.

A big Thank You to all of you who have pre-ordered the VINYL or have contributed as Iron Man Records Patrons. I would like to acknowledge the ongoing insanity of the following and their kind financial support for this madness:

Suzy Tweddle, Deborah Ritchie, Scott Roe, Margaret Calleja, Thomas Rathgeber, Dan, Lee Parsfield, Chris Scales, Muir Mathewson, Michael Howe, Jonathan Harris, Dave Barnard, Bill Fadden, Mike Burgess, Joachim Palm, Lyle Bignon, Thomas Burke, Ben Cartlidge, Matt Grimes, Toby Conyers, Chris, Andy Cavendish, Steve Wyatt, Andrew Dubber, Frank Knoblich, Vaughan Roberts, Ian Robertson, Marcus H, Seth Faergolzia, Ricky Lee, Kathryn...

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Police Bastard – “Confined” VINYL limited to 500 copies. Released Jan 23rd 2017

“Thought-provoking monologues and confrontational lyrics bring you on a cold, doom-laden journey of perpetual war, psychological mind control and disillusionment.”

Cover Art by Mark “Skinny” Orton

Pre-order your copy on VINYL now. Only 500 copies to be pressed on Double Gatefold VINYL. Released January 23rd 2017


All pre-orders will be £10 plus postage and sent out ahead of the release date.

A big thank you to all Iron Man Records Patrons who helped make this possible.


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John Sinclair – Mohawk – Press

ARTIST: John Sinclair
TITLE: Mohawk
LABEL: Iron Man Records
FORMAT: CD Double Gatefold Sleeve / Digital Release too
RELEASE DATE: 24th March 2014
Cat No: IMB6022
John Sinclair - “Mohawk” CD out now on Iron Man Records. Distribution by Cargo

Works in Progress: Beat Poet John Sinclair 10/15/2013 By: Tom Porter - The Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

Poet John Sinclair has been described as a pioneer in the counter-cultural movement that began in the 1960s. He's been at the forefront of the underground publishing movement, he's managed rock bands, organized concerts, and was also founder of the White Panther movement - a group of white...

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John Sinclair – Mohawk

John Sinclair - “Mohawk” CD
Out Now on Iron Man Records, Birmingham. Distribution by Cargo

John Sinclair, the renegade poet, scholar and cultural revolutionary released his latest album in March 2014. John, has been described as an Archetype of the 1960's art, music and literary synthesis, and who today, is still kicking with both feet on his trajectory for cultural transformation. His record features ten tracks from his book of verse: always know: a book of monk. Twenty poems planted firmly in a single-shot session, and carefully trimmed down to ten exhibits for this album. Beatnik poems, great odes and personal reflections of the Be-Bop jazz persuasion, all flowering together.

First conceived of in Detroit City, spring 1982, and...

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Tour Management Services

Iron Man offers Tour Management Services to bands and artists.

Tour Management - A professional solution for touring artists, providing a reliable service at a reasonable price. I can help organise the administration for a schedule of appearances, contacting each promoter or venue to ensure the clients technical and hospitality demands are met. I ensure the work remains within the budget. I will take care of the day to day planning and management of activities on the road, and any unforeseen issues or emergencies should they occur. Some recent clients have included: Seasick Steve, John Paul Jones, Madness, The Stone Roses, Killing Joke, Adam Ant, Roland Gift, Fatoumata Diawara, Talib Kweli, Little Barrie, House of Pain, Vagina...

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