Magnesium Man

Let me tell you about a man I once knew

Bit of a strange one

He used to keep snails in his bedside table

Everyone used to call him the magnesium man


The magnesium man shivered and buttoned his coat against the cold

And he stepped outside…..outside

He smiled as he looked up through the pale winter sunlight

At all the meteor showers

And taking that bag in his hand he turned the key in the door behind him

And headed down the path into the road


If you’re lucky you might see him

Standing on the corner

As he passes by your front window pane

If you’re lucky, you might see him

Down by the old tin mine

Feeding the ducks as the trains go past in the clouds


You might see him, standing in the park late at night

That effervescent glow all around him

Do you want to know what he carries in that bag?



Words by Mark from “Cactus Farming At The Ends Of The Earth” first published by Miracle Grow 2001.