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Iron Man Records would like to invite you to become a Patron. From as little as just 60 pence a month, or $1, you could help contribute to the next Vinyl release on the label and in exchange you can have a number of rewards, free things and benefits.

All the money I earn as a Tour Manager, and working with musicians, goes into the running costs of Iron Man Records, and helping Musicians wherever I can. I have financed the record label from my own pocket for the last 20 years or more and continue to do so. The record label runs at a huge loss, and has generated a mountain of debt over the past couple of decades that puts most class A drug habits to shame…. but that won’t put a stop to the work Iron Man Records tries to do or getting good music released for everyone to enjoy.

Patrons help extend and develop the work that the record label can do by providing a small amount of additional funding.

So Far, 35 Patrons have taken a leap of faith, a risk, a punt, and helped contribute funds to make the following Vinyl Record Releases possible:


Patrons have contributed to the making of these Record Releases on CD:


Patrons have contributed to the costs of Releasing these records in a Digital Format:


I would like to thank the Iron Man Records Patrons who have kindly donated their moral support, their time, their comments, their money and their name to Iron Man Records to date:

Suzy Tweddle, Deborah Ritchie, Scott Roe, Margaret Calleja, Thomas Rathgeber, Dan, Lee Rose-Parsfield, Chris Scales, Muir Mathewson, Michael Howe, Jonathan Harris, Dave Barnard, Bill Fadden, Mike Burgess, Jachim Palm, Lyle Bignon, Thomas Burke, Ben Cartlidge, Matt Grimes, Toby Conyers, Chris, Andy Cavendish, Steve Wyatt, Andrew Dubber, Frank Knoblich, Vaughan Roberts, Ian Robertson, Marcus H, Seth Faergolzia, Ricky Lee, Kathryn McCormack, Ade Cartwright, Sunwoo Jung, Chris Crass, Elie Brysbaert, Jonathon Watkiss, Dave Santorum-Crespo, Gaz Dennis, Larry Farber, Robert Cotter, Michelle Omoboni, Bob Antonini, Wil Hurst, Daz Leake, Leo Mallon, The Premium Blend Radio Show, Liz Warner, Dai Davies, Robert Mucha…..

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” – The Cheshire Cat, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

You are invited to become an Iron Man Records Patron today.