Transglobal Underground – The Colours Started to Sing Again

If you see a barrier, smash it down.

‘The Colours Started to Sing Again’ is the first new recording by Transglobal Underground in several years. ‘I Left My Sweet Homeland’ is a remix from the 2009 release ‘A Gathering of Strangers’

Digital Album and CD released May 13, 2019

Natacha Atlas sings on ‘The Colours Started to Sing Again.’

Nori Kovacs sings on ‘I Left My Sweet Homeland’

Transglobal Underground represent something so unique it would be a travesty and blasphemy to attempt to define them in one sentence or write a encyclopedia, you are sure to miss something. Nation Records gave a platform to the band who in turn shared, composed, nurtured their landscape with many other extremely talented artists.

Every composition ventured down a creative path that carried intrigue and breaking rules, they were one of a handful of bands who spearheaded a movement without a selfish attitude right across the globe.They crossed other sub-movements of their time and helped create a bar, that kept others looking for the next level of global experimentation.

The only path to take is to listen to all their work, the depth and the enormity, is, itself a wonderful journey through your sound filter, there is so much signal that the noise never matters.

It truly is unique.

Transglobal Underground - The Colours Started To Sing Again

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