Natacha Atlas – The Inner & The Outer – Exploring themes of societal dystopia, an emotional and contemplative musical reaction to the challenges society has faced during the pandemic.

Natacha Atlas – Vocals (1-6)
Yazz Ahmed – Flugelhorn (2-5)
Jason Singh – Beatbox, Analogue Synths (1 & 6)
Alcyona Mick – Original Piano Takes (1-6)
Samy Bishai – Violin, Viola, String Arr. (2), Electric Bass (3), Beats (1, 3, 5, 6), Programming & Sound Design (1-6)

All Tracks by Atlas/Bishai (Wise Music Publishing)
Produced & Arranged by Samy Bishai
Mixed by Samy Bishai
Mastered by Jon Astley

‘The Outer’ is the first single from the upcoming project between globally renowned vocalist Natacha Atlas and production partner Samy Bishai, featuring composer, musician and sound artist Jason Singh.

Exploring themes of societal dystopia, ’The Inner & The Outer’ is an emotional and contemplative musical reaction to the challenges society has faced since the start of the pandemic.

Our single ‘The Outer’ opens the musical project with a relentlessly groove-driven digital fable, an exotic cousin of Massive Attack. The song juxtaposes throughout – from the menace of dark analogue bass synths and distorted beatboxing to Natacha’s transcendental flow of melodies, soaring over a bed of Alcyona Mick’s cutup piano motifs.

This duality can be found in every aspect of the upcoming album; angular dissonance/melodic resolution, analogue/digital production techniques, working alone/collaboratively..

‘The Outer’ sees Natacha boldly progressing her musical journey through new realms, deftly sidestepping nostalgia. Evolving from her electrifying 90s-era Transglobal Underground sound, she opts instead for her blend of jazz-infused 21st century electronics, providing the perfect opportunity to collab with old friend Jason Singh, whose uniquely varied skills have him composing all over the world, for the BBC and many others.

As a writing team, Atlas & Bishai have brilliantly orchestrated the seamless integration of Middle Eastern maqam vocabularies with hiphop, jazz and electronica, with Bishai’s arrangement and production skills working invisibly behind the scenes, tying it all together. The resultant sonic synergy is unparalleled in its effortless transition of various styles to create a complete new sound, which remains eerily familiar; the memory of a sound unheard.

‘The Outer’ explores the fragmentation of a pandemic society – the extroverted and externalised emotional responses to the power, influence and corruption of the outside world: the virus, the media, the powers that be… and all the feelings that come with that: isolation, disorientation, destabilisation, displacement, mistrust, fear, anger…

This album is really something special…after setting the dystopian tone with ‘The Outer’, Natacha takes us to the other side of the experience: ‘The Inner’, a delicately introverted meditational space, a paean to the tranquillity of zen…

We will soon present ‘The Inner’, which features award-winning jazz trumpeter Yazz Ahmed. (released 18th of June 2021).

Natacha Atlas – The Inner & The Outer – Review by Andrew Cronshaw

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