Transglobal Underground…..a band of cosmic mutant rebels representing the living, beating heart of multicultural Britain, a living rebuttal of race-hate politics – Touring Availability for 2023

“…a band of cosmic mutant rebels” — BBC

Transglobal Underground will be touring as a five piece band featuring original members Tim Whelan, drummer Hamid Mantu and storyteller TUUP alongside percussionist Rav Nieyyar and sitar player Sheema Mukherjee.

“Representing the living, beating heart of multicultural Britain”

“They drag the world music scene into a seething global disco. TGU are a living rebuttal of race-hate politics…” 

All booking enquiries please email Peter Conway Tel: 44 (0)20 8378 1012 / 07885 288512

Transglobal Underground UK Touring Availability 2022

There are few acts in the UK with as strong an influence and as complex a legacy as Transglobal Underground. For over 25 years it’s been a DJ/musical collective, one of the founders of global fusion, a working band famous for it’s scorching live shows, a techno soundsystem, a folk festival rabble rouser, a pop group, a club night, a Middle Eastern hit production team, an improvised study group for Indian classical music, an Albanian brass band, a duo..or was it an octet?…a seminar, a medicine show and several things no one involved would admit to if they could even remember them.

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All booking enquiries please contact Peter Conway Tel: 44 (0)20 8378 1012

Transglobal Underground