Samuel Fry

Samuel Fry

Sam Fry Passed away this weekend. He was the second drummer with Last Under The Sun from 2001 to 2002, he played many gigs and played the drums on the the 30 second 30 song first demo called “Defect” and the 8 songs that made up “Windfall” that the band produced around the same time.

If anyone has any more photos of Sam when he was in Last Under The Sun with Rhys and myself, please send a copy across. I didn’t have a decent camera in those days so i have no photos of him at all that I can find.

He was a good drummer and a kind, caring, decent bloke you could sit down and have a proper chat with. When we weren’t at band practice, or on the way to a gig,  Sam came down to the gigs I was organising at The Old Railway. He would spend the evening chatting to bands, people who showed up for the gig or Rhys who was behind the soundesk. He liked Bob Dylan and introduced me to Shellac – “1000 hurts” and a band called Lvmen. I first met him when he was playing drums for Eggraid, he was someone I really liked from the start and he was a fan of Redshift too.

When Sam left Last Under The Sun he joined Eastfield and I kept in touch now and then but he moved on to Plymouth and I left him to get on with it, expecting to bump into him at another gig, another day, in another place. That never happened.

I’m almost without words now that he’s gone, he was a good mate. Like many experiences in life, you don’t realise how special things are until they’re all gone – Mark 21st Sept 2011