Video by CHU on the making of 360 degree artwork for "Mohawk" by John Sinclair

“I sketched the entire world and digitised it inside Google’s Sketchup, where this three dimensional, three hundred and sixty degree artwork could spring to life. This sketch can be viewed from almost anywhere and the result is a multi-dimensional drawing – a million sketches worth. When making a normal two dimensional drawing, changing the viewpoint requires a completely new sketch – this way, the sketch allows plenty of freedom for the viewer and there are a sickening amount of permutations.

This economy in the production stemmed from the need to pay tribute to, as close as possible, the location and setting for the photoshoot on the cover of Thelonius Monk’s Undeground LP released on Columbia in 1967. The sleeve won a Grammy in 1968 for art direction.

Steve ‘Fly’ and I considered it may have been Monk’s apartment in Manhattan on the original sleeve. Wherever it may have been, I rebuilt the scene, destroyed it, reinfected it and drenched it all in psychedelia, on a stage that Paddington Bear would be proud of.

Is there something in that marmalade?” – CHU 14th Feb 2014

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