John Sinclair – Demand The End Of Money (Limited Edition T-Shirt)

John Sinclair – Demand The End Of Money (T-Shirt) FRONT

This is the second design in a series of Limited Edition T-shirts featuring a quote from John Sinclair, the last of the Beatnik warrior poets…..a cultural revolutionary, pioneer of marijuana activism, radical leader and a political prisoner by the end of the 1960s.

In 1966-67 the jazz poet, downbeat correspondent, founder of the Detroit Artists Workshop and underground journalist joined the front ranks of the hippie revolution, managing the “avant-rock” MC5 and organizing countless free concerts in the parks, White Panther rallies and radical benefits.

John Sinclair – Demand The End Of Money (T-Shirt) BACK

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This run will be limited to 50 Shirts. When they’re gone, they are gone. The T-shirts are Gildan Extra Tees. A black T-Shirt with a White print on the front and back, and a Green Cannabis Leaf design.

The shirt is heavy weight, shipping worldwide, available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

When you pre-order this shirt you will also get a FREE download code for John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth as an instant reward. You will be able to redeem the code through Iron Man Records on Bandcamp. If you already have this album you can request an alternative.

T-shirts will be printed by and shipped on 23rd July 2019. 

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John Sinclair quote researched and proposed by Steve Fly

Artwork and design by

Thanks to Russ at Shockproof-Design for putting it all together and Steve Fly for researching and proposing the John Sinclair quote. More limited edition designs will follow in future, stay tuned.

Buy John Sinclair – Demand The End Of Money (Limited Edition T-Shirt) here