Beatnik Warrior Poet John Sinclair in the News

January 22, 2019

A group of citizens and NGOs led by Michigan poet John Sinclair and including a physician, a pharmacist, a medical marihuana patient, together with MINORML and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association have sued the Michigan Board of Pharmacy and its chairperson Nichole Cover seeking to declare void the Board’s continued listing of marihuana as a controlled substance under state law.

Under Michigan law, the Board of Pharmacy is charged with the duty to schedule, re-schedule, and de-schedule substances based upon their medical benefits, relative harm and potential for abuse. Notwithstanding the passage of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, the Board continues to list...

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Transglobal Underground featuring Natacha Atlas – Destination Overground

It’s the early 1990s. Drum and bass are two separate things. Club music and live music exist in two separate universes. Bhangra is omnipresent and unknown at one and the same time. Reggae and dub are half-forgotten sub genres. If you want to find any Arabic music in London there’s a guy with a stall at Shepherds Bush Market and that’s about it. Every music genre is parcelled up, labelled up, and kept in it’s own yard as far as possible from any other.

This compilation celebrates a rebellion against the musical divisions of those days, tells the story of how it happened and what happened next.

It all started with a bunch of disgruntled musicians, singers, DJ, writers and sampler geeks hanging round the cramped offices of West London...

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How to live a psychedelic life with the poet and activist John Sinclair


Psychedelia with John Sinclair
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone

Stuart finds out how to live a psychedelic life with the poet and activist John Sinclair as BBC Music's My Generation celebrates the 1960s. John Sinclair is best known for his jazz poetry, managing the rock band MC5 and being a founding member of the White Panther party in the late 1960s. Stuart chats to him about the creative philosophies behind psychedlia and how to open your mind.

John Sinclair in the Iron Man Records shop

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Free The Weed 53 by John Sinclair

Highest greetings from Amsterdam, where I’ve been spending my summer so far working with my pals Steve The Fly and Sidney Daniels to try to open up a temporary autonomous zone of our own called the Bohemian Embassy somewhere in the city of Amsterdam this fall.

At the same time I’m working on completing the final stages of production so my new book, IT’S ALL GOOD—A John Sinclair Reader, can go to the printer under the careful hands of my publisher, Ben Horner.

My daughter Celia, who’s designed and produced the book for me, was in Detroit working with me on making the book and now is back in New Orleans finishing up. She’s done a beautiful job from the front cover photograph of the author in front of the Hempshopper on the Singel canal (snapped by the...

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John Sinclair – Tour Dates New Orleans 2016

Fri. Feb. 12    7:30 p.m.     Piano Poetry Paint @ Frenchy Gallery (8314 Oak St.) with Tom Worrell, Lionel Batiste & Frenchy

Sat. Feb 13         3 p.m.     Louisiana Music Factory with the Carlo Ditta Trio (421 Frenchmen St.)

Mon. Feb 15      7 p.m.       Reading from "IT'S ALL GOOD" at Frenchy Gallery

Tue. Feb 16       7 p.m.       Reading from "IT'S ALL GOOD" at Frenchy Gallery

Wed. Feb 17      7 p.m.       Reading from "IT'S ALL GOOD" at Frenchy Gallery

Thu. Feb 18       7 p.m.       Reading from "IT'S ALL GOOD" at Frenchy Gallery

Fri. Feb...

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Iron Man Records – a Birmingham based Independent Record Label

Iron Man Records is a Birmingham based independent record label, founded in 1996. The label has released recordings by: P.A.I.N, Police Bastard, John Sinclair, Nightingales, Steve Fly, TC Lethbridge, Dufus, Sensa Yuma, and Last Under The Sun, amongst others.

“Music has no flag, no government, no police. Nobody owns it, nobody controls it. Music crosses all borders of geography, language, culture and belief. Music brings people together.....” - Reasons Why

Iron Man Records is run by a Music Promoter and Tour Manager - Mark Badger and a Script writer and Lawyer with a music background - Kevan Tidy.

Mark Badger founded Birmingham Music Network, in 2000.  Since 1994, Mark has organised more than 1000 gigs around Birmingham as Badger...

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Free The Weed 52 by John Sinclair

Highest greetings from Amsterdam, where I’ve just returned for the summer until it’s time to come back to Michigan in August for the Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup festivities in Clio and around the Flint area.

As a native of Flint I take great pride in the long strides made there by the medical marijuana community to establish itself and secure its existence under the law, and in the citizens of the city itself for voting to enjoy legalized recreational marijuana in their community.

When I smoked my first joint in Flint sometime in 1961, I could barely comprehend that weed was illegal. It seemed like such a good thing—how could anyone possibly have anything against it? But it soon became apparent that the authorities claimed that marijuana was a narcotic and those who...

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John Sinclair – Mohawk – Press

ARTIST: John Sinclair
TITLE: Mohawk
LABEL: Iron Man Records
FORMAT: CD Double Gatefold Sleeve / Digital Release too
RELEASE DATE: 24th March 2014
Cat No: IMB6022
John Sinclair - “Mohawk” CD out now on Iron Man Records. Distribution by Cargo

Works in Progress: Beat Poet John Sinclair 10/15/2013 By: Tom Porter - The Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

Poet John Sinclair has been described as a pioneer in the counter-cultural movement that began in the 1960s. He's been at the forefront of the underground publishing movement, he's managed rock bands, organized concerts, and was also founder of the White Panther movement - a group of white...

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John Sinclair – Mohawk

John Sinclair - “Mohawk” CD
Out Now on Iron Man Records, Birmingham. Distribution by Cargo

John Sinclair, the renegade poet, scholar and cultural revolutionary released his latest album in March 2014. John, has been described as an Archetype of the 1960's art, music and literary synthesis, and who today, is still kicking with both feet on his trajectory for cultural transformation. His record features ten tracks from his book of verse: always know: a book of monk. Twenty poems planted firmly in a single-shot session, and carefully trimmed down to ten exhibits for this album. Beatnik poems, great odes and personal reflections of the Be-Bop jazz persuasion, all flowering together.

First conceived of in Detroit City, spring 1982, and...

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Sun Ra Memories by John Sinclair

My first real exposure to the music and legend of Sun Ra came in the fall of 1964, when drummer Roger Blank passed through Detroit with a jazz trio I can't remember the name of.

We put him up for a few days in our stronghold at the Detroit Artists Workshop Cooperative Housing Project, and I watched Roger open his suitcase and pull out what were obviously his most prized possessions: two weird LPs on the El Saturn label with garish outer space art on the covers and names like Supersonic Jazz and Jazz in Silhouette.

I had read about the avant-garde Chicago pianist and bandleader in downbeat and other jazz magazines, but his music was still so far underground that few people outside the band's immediate orbit had ever heard it.

By this time the...

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