Burn Your Money – Ritual Mass Burn: October 23rd 2017 at The Cockpit, London, NW8 8EH

Burn Your Money - Gold Flame Large


Ritual Mass Burn: The Cockpit, London, NW8 8EH. October 23rd, 2017.

“The Total Burn compels you. The future reaches toward your out-stretched arms. Here and now, when you gather to make sacrifice, people think you immoral or insane. But soon you will be hailed as the prophets of a new age and your actions will be proclaimed as righteous and sane. In the meantime, let our thoughts be contact.”

Jonathan Harris will be your Master of Ceremonies, he is also known as “The Money Burning Guy”

Jon is an Iron Man Records Patron, he is the one in the picture above holding the staff. Jon is also a dangerous lunatic. Understand where this is going.

“The *doing* of nothing – the deliberate creation of nothing from something – resets our connection with reality at some otherwise unknowable metaphysical substrata. It is not so much that this has direct effects, more that it simply changes everything and throws off a clustering of synchronicitious events around each re-enactment.”


Burning Issue Magazine ‘The World’s first magazine EXCLUSIVELY for Money Burners and other destroyers of currency.’ SUPER DELUXE Special Edition out November 23rd 2017

Crowdfunding for the SUPER DELUXE version of the Special Issue Volume One will begin in October 2017.

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Burn Your Money - Ritual Mass Burn